Who books the flight?
You are responsible for booking your own flight.


Will I need a passport?


When should I arrive and depart from the Islands?
You should plan to arrive by 4 p.m. on the day before (or the day of) & depart anytime after the closing date of the package. In the event these dates do not work for you, we can adjust your package and payment.


When is the deadline to book a package?
Registration deadlines will be posted on our website and social media spaces.


What is Soca Islands’ Refund Policy?
Payments made to your package including the down payment is NON-REFUNDABLE; this is because as we receive payments, we use them to book your accommodation, transportation, costumes, fete tickets and other ancillary items. For any other questions please contact Soca Islands via email at explore@socaislands.com.


Who will pick me up from the airport?
You will be greeted by a Soca Islands Ambassador upon arrival at the Airport.


Do you allow transfers?
Yes. You are responsible for notifying us and coordinating all details and payment arrangements with person to whom you are transferring your package.


Is the Islands safe?
Your safety is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Our team comprises persons trained in security management.


Do I need travel insurance?
Travel medical insurance is not required but it is recommended.


What about VISAS?
Depending on the destination and your passport issuing country, you may require a visa. Feel free to contact us with the required information and we will confirm it for you.


Where is the accommodation located?
Our preferred accommodation providers will be listed on our website and social media spaces. Please note alternative housing is VERY limited.


Room Arrangement?
Room arrangement will be posted in the package details on our website and social media spaces.


How will I get to the events?
Ground transportation to and from all events in our packages is included.


Can I get transportation to go to other places not listed as a Soca Island event?
Yes, we can assist with transportation to other events, however this will be at the customer’s expense.


Do you offer payment plans?
Yes we do. If you require a payment plan, please send an email to explore@socaislands.com.


Will there be time to rest?
It is recommended you try to sleep in between the activity schedule.


Can I use my cell phone there?
Yes you can. Be sure to contact your mobile phone provider and confirm international roaming/texting is added to your phone prior to your trip.


Will I have access to the internet?
Internet access is available at the guest house.


What should I pack?
Click here to learn more.


What if I want to purchase multiple packages?
Via our registration portal you can purchase as many packages as you need.


Are you a travel agent?
No we are not travel agents. We consider ourselves to be travel planners.


What is a fete?

A fete is the Caribbean term for an event/party.


What is a Cooler Fete?

A cooler-fete is an event where you are allowed to bring your own drinks and food into the venue.


What is an All-Inclusive Fete?

An All-Inclusive Fete is n event that provides unlimited gourmet food and premium drinks. These are highly sought after events, and a must-do during Carnival season.


Do you sell events tickets?

No, we do not sell tickets to Carnival events. However, if you wish to make additional move outside of the packaged events we will be more than happy to share our fete/events suggestions and assist you with the process.


Do you sell fete ticket packages?

Yes. Our Party Animal packages for each destination offer a full comprehensive agenda which compiles the most popular and premium events designed for an unforgettable experience with the most experienced feteran in mind.


If you still have more questions please send an email to explore@socaislands.com or complete the contact us form!