Dominica’s World Creole Music Festival: TBD.

The World Creole Music Festival has become a renowned staple of the regional music gala calendar. Over a trinity of enthralling evenings beginning on the final Friday in October each year, patrons are treated to a cavalcade of star power, emanating from the Caribbean, French Antilles, Africa and North America, arranged to thrill the seasoned festival goer and novice alike.

WCMF has given special focus to musical genres with roots in various forms of musical fusion from various countries from the Creole-speaking world. To date, musical forms which have gained exposure at the festival include Cadence-lypso, Kompa, Zouk, Soukous, Bouyon and Zydeco.

Our customisable experiences are designed for persons who:

  • are too busy and you don’t have time to plan anything.
  •  want to experience everything Carnival.
  • do not have a clue about what to do.
  • are just “lazy”.

What’s included in this experience?

Included in our Ultimate Dominica World Creole Music Festival experience which is designed to get the most from your visit. You can customise your experience by logging into your Soca Islands account.

Your choice of single, double, triple or quad occupancy rooms at the Fort Young Hotel in Dominica.

Airport Transfers and Ground Transportation
Pick-up from and, drop-off to the Douglas-Charles International Airport (DOM) only. We arrange daily transportation (private and group) from your accommodation to the events on your itinerary. Additional transportation services are available on request.

We do not include the flights, but we will help you to book the best fight based on your location. No matter where you are flying from we will help you pick the best connections to join the tour on time.

Dominica Island Tour
A visit to Dominica’s Boiling Lake, then Volcano Snorkeling, and Dolphin and Whale watching tours.

Festival Tickets
VVIP tickets for each night of the Dominica World Creole Music Festival. Click here to download our guide to learn more about these events.

Add-ons (optional)
Enhance your experience by adding one or more of the following: Travel Insurance; Make-up services.

Price details.

The price reflects the itinerary displayed on this page and is designed to give you an idea of the budget required for this destination. During the trip-planning process, Soca Islands can customise your itinerary around your budget. Please be advised that flights are NOT included.

double occu. triple occu. quad occu.
Price per person $2,050 USD/per $1,775 USD/per $1,625 USD/per

This itinerary has been crafted by our team with one idea in mind: to inspire you. Every aspect can be customised to your specific needs, budget and your interests, from duration to accommodation and activities.

Day one: Arrival in Dominica
You arrive on the beautiful island of Dominica to begin your week of fun and music. We pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation to get settled in.

Day two: Boiling Lake tour and Festival night one
Today we visit the world’s Largest of it kind Boiling Lake (200ft 64m wide). On the way, we get to enjoy some of the best landscape scenic views Dominica has to offer.

After a day out taking in the sites, we head to the opening night of the Dominica World Creole Music Festival – VVIP style. Artiste line-up will be announced soon.

Day three: Volcano snorkeling tour and Festival night two
We dive in and explore the underwater world at some of Dominica’s best snorkel spots, including Champagne Volcano.

After a day out taking in the sites, we head to the second night of the Dominica World Creole Music Festival – VVIP style. Artiste line-up will be announced soon.

Day four: Whale & Dolphin Watch Tour
Today we go in search of whales and dolphins on this half-day, nature-focused tour in Dominica. We start off with a guided hike through the interior, exploring various local flora and fauna, some found only on Dominica. Then transfer to a boat for the whale-watching portion of the tour, where you can expect to see pilot whales, sperm whales, and humpbacks.

After a day out taking in the sites, we head out to enjoy the final night of the Dominica World Creole Music Festival – VVIP style. Artiste line-up will be announced soon.

Day five: Depart Dominica
We hug, cry and say our goodbyes, while reflecting on the memories created during the past five days. We drop you off safely to the airport so you can catch your return flight.

Payment plan.

Initial Deposit: $500

Soca Islands provides you with the most flexible payment plan making it super easy and affordable to book your Dominica World Creole Music Festival experience.

The down payment is paid when you officially sign up for a Soca Islands experience to secure your spot. When you make this first payment, it shows us your serious commitment to the experience and gives us the confidence to start booking all of your arrangements on your behalf. After that a monthly payment of no less that $250 is required at the end of each month until the cost of the experience is paid off in full.

Dominica travel information.

Time Zone: GMT -04:00
Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar. 1USD = 2.60XCD

Dominica’s title as the “Nature Island” is derived from the unspoiled, lush splendour that encompasses the remote Caribbean isle. Rich in both natural grandeur and history, Dominica is home to a varied terrain and culture that continue to amaze locals and visitors every single day.

Despite Christopher Columbus’ arrival to Dominica in 1493, just a year after his voyage to the New World, the Nature Isle was the last of the Caribbean islands to be colonised by the Europeans. Columbus did, however, leave one lasting legacy by naming the island ‘Dominica’ after the Spanish word for Sunday: the day on which he first reached the island.

Before the Europeans, the island was inhabited by various peoples, including the well-known Kalinago, whom the Europeans referred to as Caribs. With an appreciation for the Dominica’s uniqueness and natural grandeur, the Kalinago renamed the island ‘Waitukubuli’—meaning “tall is her body”—to reflect the mountainous and elegant fertile land. Dominica is home to the last remaining community of Kalinago in the West Indies with a population of a little over 2,000 living in a 3,700 acre territory on the northwestern side of the island. A representation of a pre-Columbian village, the Kalinago Barana Auté territory is one of the island’s most rich cultural attractions.

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