The #1 experience you need to add to your travel bucket list!

Now is the time start planning your travel bucket list with Soca Islands.  When we all get to travel safely again, best believe you’re going to want to finally scratch that travel itch. Get excited for all the amazing experiences in store and new, exciting destinations we will get to explore. If you’re new here and you have never been to a Caribbean carnival then what have you been really doing with your life?

To start off the new “Top 10X” series with Soca Islands; let us present to you the “Top 10” reasons why you absolutely need to add at least two Caribbean Carnival experience trips to your future travel bucket list.


1. Pure Joy & Euphoria

As Kes the band said in their hit soca song Savannah Grass; “If you know yeah, then you know yeah”. The feeling you get when you take part in your first Caribbean carnival is not a feeling that comes around every day. It’s truly addicting and you will be counting down the days till you get to relive those magical moments. It’s a feeling that you can only get when you’re decked out in your costume chipping on the road to sweet soca music behind the big bad music trucks. An authentic Caribbean carnival experience is one that marks your heart and leaves you with a feeling of pure joy and euphoria.


2. Beaches, mountains, island scenery

The Caribbean is such a magical place, filled with an unmatched beauty. Each island has its own flair and each landscape is breathtaking. From clear blue rivers to scenic mountains to black sand beaches and majestic waterfalls; the islands have it all. When you plan for a carnival experience in the Caribbean you get the best of both worlds. The ultimate party experience as well as a relaxing getaway surrounded by the natural beauty of the islands.


3. Meeting new people

You can meet lifelong friends at carnival. Everyone is so open and welcoming. Caribbean people tend to be warm and friendly so it won’t be hard to meet new people who you can learn from and party with at the same time. People from all over the world come together to celebrate life and love at carnival so you can meet people from somewhere you never even heard of.  You can meet your new love or your new crew that you carnival chase and travel the world with, just because you decided to take a chance and experience carnival.


4. Learning new culture

Once you travel and experience a new culture you become more appreciative of your own and at the same time you get the opportunity to learn more about the world and the people in it. You learn to see life from different whole new lenses and embrace something completely different from your everyday routine. It will truly open your eyes to just how big the world really is.


5. The Costumes

When you think about a carnival costume, think extravagant, breathtaking, gems, feathers, sparkles, that WOW factor. Designers work for months on end to make sure their costume designs match a specific theme and every detail is just right. You have so many options these days that there is a perfect match for everyone. No matter the body type, skin tone etc. there is something that will speak to your unique sense of style. But be advised that once you see yourself in the mirror carnival morning all dolled up in full costume it’s going to be hard to imagine yourself wearing anything else ever again!


6. Best food in the world

Calling all foodies! Carnival in the Caribbean is the place to be for all your food lover needs. Caribbean food is so full of flavor and each island has their own unique mix and blend of spices that they make signature dishes with. From the jerk chicken in Jamaica to the doubles in Trinidad to the Oil down in Grenada, the possibilities are endless. Your taste buds will be in heaven when you visit the Caribbean and there is no other place to get that authentic Caribbean food than straight from the source, eating with the locals and enjoying the Caribbean vibe.


7. New experiences

Life becomes ten times more interesting and fuller when you come out of your comfort zone and embrace new experiences. Each carnival you get the chance to partake in with Soca Islands is a guaranteed new, exciting experience. Each island experience package is guaranteed to leave you with an experience that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. You will be pleasantly surprised with the diversity that the islands have to offer which will make your experience that much more memorable.


8. Affordable Prices

When it comes on to planning a trip, the finances are one aspect that definitely could make or break your entire experience. Luckily when you take part in a Caribbean carnival you won’t have to break the bank to have the time of your life. You will get your money’s worth with all the amenities that are included in one convenient package. Your dollar will definitely  go a long way with affordable food options all over the islands, reasonably priced accommodations and the best part is, with the wide a range of carnival packages that Soca Islands offers you can pick and choose whichever island carnival matches your budget without sacrificing that amazing carnival experience.


9. Perfect Weather

Always sunny, warm and perfect for the outdoor festivities. It’s summertime all the time on the islands. You won’t have to worry about what to pack to match the weather, which means less stress and hassle to plan outfits. Especially if you live somewhere that is known for extremely cold weather, a trip to a Caribbean carnival is that ultimate escape you been searching for. One that will have you yearning for that ideal Caribbean cool breeze and sunshine all year round.


10. Memories to last a lifetime

Are you are searching for a trip that will have you reminiscing for years to come, a trip you will tell your future kids about or a trip that will be have you feeling full of love as soon as you step off the plane? Then a trip to a Caribbean carnival is exactly what the doctor prescribed. The memories that you will create will last a lifetime and before you know it you will be booking a carnival experience every single year. You never truly live until you’ve experience carnival in the Caribbean.