Worry Free Travel with Soca Islands

No worries, we’ve got you. Your safety, as well as the safety of our valued employees and partners; has always been and will continue to be our top priority. The very moment you decide to journey to the islands again; we are willing and ready to serve you. Our new “No Worries” Travel Policy features cleaning safety measures and physical distancing protocol that have been put in place on all our experience travel packages. This policy is entirely focused on ensuring that your health and safety is considered at all times without sacrificing that once in a lifetime experience that we here at Soca Islands strive to give you every single time you book with us. We will continue to monitor all the local health recommendations and advisories as they are released and update the policy accordingly. Our commitment to keeping you safe as you experience the Caribbean will always remain.

Our Local Teams

We have put together an efficient team of well trained professionals based locally in each destination whose sole responsibility is to make sure that you well being is prioritized as soon as you touchdown till the moment you head home.

  • They are trained in safety protocols and are well-equipped to handle emergencies.
  • They can help you find local clinics should you begin feeling ill.
  • They continually receive new training to ensure they are up-to-date on all health and safety policies.
  • They have extensive local knowledge to proactively help you navigate the local landscapes. This allows for increased flexibility when it comes to knowing the best time to visit places of interest, avoiding crowds whenever possible. They can also identify the restaurants with the strictest hygiene practices.
  • They are required to wear face masks and enforce health and safety protocols at all times.

Our Customers

In the case where you may be travelling for a Caribbean Travel Experience and at the time of your departure you may not be feeling your best health wise, then you will be given the option to delay said travel plans until you are better (terms and conditions applied). If you come down with a fever or any other symptoms during your Soca Islands experience, you may have to be cleared by a doctor before being allowed to re-join us. All customers are required to bring some form of face covering (e.g. face masks, face shields or bandanas). We will make every effort to have hand sanitizer available however, we highly recommend that you bring your own.

Smaller Group Sizes

Our maximum group size has been reduced to 15 customers on most of our experiences. If you have nine or more friends joining you on your Caribbean travel experience, you can reserve the entire trip – creating your own “travel bubble”.

Accommodations – Staying and Sleeping Safely

We always choose accommodation partners with high standards. Travelling in smaller groups means that we can stay at even smaller accommodations with fewer guests. This means you will have fewer daily contact with others outside our group in public spaces. Now, we are working with accommodation partners to optimize their health, safety and cleanliness procedures. Here are some of the things we’re working on to help keep you safe:

  • Daily deep cleaning and disinfecting of all surface areas inside your room with extra cleaning on light switches, door handles, TV remotes, and thermostats.
  • No hotel staff will enter your room after it has been cleaned.
  • Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of all public restrooms and all surfaces in public areas.
  • Wherever possible, our groups will stay in rooms located on the lower floors to limit elevator use and limit touching hand-railings used for climbing stairs.
  • Accommodations will implement physical distancing protocols in line with local regulations.

Transportation – Getting Around Safely

We are working with our transport partners to implement and maintain the following standards.

  • Every surface in the vehicles of our transport partners will get at least one daily deep cleaning.
  • Where required, vehicles will operate at reduced capacity.
  • Each customer will have a daily assigned seat on the same vehicle.
  • Use of hand-sanitizer is now required every time you board transport vehicles.
  • Use of facial coverings (e.g. face masks, face shields, or bandanas) is now required while on-board transport vehicles.

Food and Drink – Eating Well and  Safely

It is crucial that you feel comfortable and safe whenever you stop to enjoy the tastes of the Caribbean. We will therefore continue to only include eating experiences at locations where good hygiene is maintained and physical distancing can now be practiced.  Our local teams will monitor local restaurants  to ensure they are meeting health, safety, and cleanliness standards (facilities, staff training, food preparation and delivery). Additionally, wherever possible, we will:

  • Reserve separate tables or private rooms at the restaurants we visit.
  • Take advantage of outdoor dining opportunities.
  • Serve meals in “grab and go” boxes and avoid self-serve buffets.

Activities – Playing Safely

We will also do our best to schedule planned activities during non-peak hours, so you can have fun and feel safe no matter what you’re doing.

Departures – Before we say “until next time!”

We want you to return home after your experience feeling much better than when you left your home. If you are not feeling 100% at the end of your experience for any reason, please let us know and we will do everything possible to help you get access to medical care and support.


This is just the beginning of our efforts to keep your experience worry free. We will continually evolve and roll-out these and additional policies as needed.